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Marco Gasparri (1957) is an Italian artist from Tuscany who lives and works in the Netherlands. His talent for drawing and painting manifested very early at school. In 1975-1978 he graduated at the State Institute of Art at Pisa and in 1978-1982 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. He studied in particular the art of painting and the techniques used by Italian masters of the 16th and 17th centuries.

After his training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence Marco Gasparri was active as a graphic designer and illustrator. He worked for several customers in Italy, among others the publishing house Mondadori, for which he made some illustrations for the books for youth. Since his arrival to the Netherlands in 1997, he is focusing mainly on his work as a fine painter. It is actually a great passion for him to paint remarkably fine realistic oil still lives.

Marco Gasparri stands in the tradition of Italian fine painters. His genre is the still life wherein a simple composition can become very interesting as to the expressivity and emotional quality. Attention for detail, refined oil painting technique and rendering of light are characteristic for his art. They produce still lives with seemingly quiet dynamics, where the simple objects sometimes composed with fruit or vegetable, are able to excite specific emotions. Marco Gasparri exhibits regularly in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

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